Can’t let it go? Ruminating on the same old thing? Try tapping on this!

I’ve been in battle with the HOA about their landscape “friendly reminder notices” not containing enough detailed information to enable be to “fix the problem.” 

This has escalated to the point where I’ve requested a hearing with the HOA Board to try and resolve the issue.  I’ve written to them with my view on what’s happening and let them know that we all want the same thing: the problem fixed! I’ve done everything that I can at this point and now it’s time to wait. 

Upset about being blindsided by a surprise? Let it go with EFT Taping

Upset about being blindsided by a surprise? Let it go with EFT Taping

But I just can’t let it go!  I keep ruminating on it.  I have lots of conversations in my head about it.  I’ve tapped on it several times, and have been able to release a lot of the tension around it.  But I still just can’t let it go yet.

So I tapped on, “Even though I just can’t let this go, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” And in the middle of the tapping I had clear realization.  The issue that keeps triggering me around this is not receiving the “friendly reminder” or even the second notice, it’s the fact that when I receive the second notice that I feel blindsided because to the best of my ability I’ve already dealt with the issue.  If you’ve ever been surprised by a problem that you didn’t see coming, especially when you thought everything was fine, or at least going to be fine, then you know the feeling….

“I’ve been blindsided!”

That “I’ve been blindsided” realization opened up a whole can of memories about where I was blindsided and how I felt about it.  And all of the feelings were very much the same – Shock, Disbelief, Anger, Resentment, and more. 

So I’ve got some more tapping to do on this one, especially with all of those emotions tying all of those incidents together with their emotional similarities. Yeah, that’s something that is DEFINITELY worth tapping on and releasing. I can only imagine how much better I’ll feel afterward. And I’ll probably be much more able to just…let it go!

UPDATE: “Surprise!” Let it go….

Update: I did a bunch more tapping and was surprised to see that ALL “surprises” were seen as negative!  Needless to say I was surprised by that!

I started tapping on, “Even though surprises blindside me and are a problem, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Even though nothing good ever comes out of getting  a surprise – I’m usually just disappointed that I got a “surprise” instead of what I really wanted, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway. Even though whenever I’ve tried to create a surprise with love and good wishes, I’ve been betrayed and it’s gone badly, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.”

That seems to have helped quite a bit. As I was tapping, a bunch of memories of the stories and “proof” that supported “surprises are bad” came floating to the surface, ready to be released with EFT Tapping.  And now, when I look at the “HOA stuff” I still feel that it’s unfair, but pretty much all of the other emotional hooks are gone.

PROGRESS!  It’s a wonderful thing!

What is lurking in your past that would be really useful to release and let it go with EFT Tapping?  Share your comments below.  And if you found this post useful or interesting, please LIKE the WithEFTTapping fan page on Facebook and visit here often.


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